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Tokyo Midtown Clinic

International Standard Medical Service
This clinic is positioned to serve the needs of international patients with examinations conducted in English. With cutting-edge treatments and a global emphasis, the physicians at Tokyo Midtown Clinic conduct treatments and examinations with skill and precision.

Outpatient Service & Health Screening Center
(By appointment only)

Medical care services include several outpatient departments such as orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, and general internal medicine, as well as a general and complete health checkups and examinations.


03-5413-0081(health screening center)

Executive Medical Services
(By appointment only)

Top quality health checkups can be conducted at an exclusive room to protect the patients’ privacy.

03-5413-8017(Premium Health Checkups)

Tokyo Midtown Skin Aesthetic Clinic Noage

Noage clinic offers confidential hospitality and the best treatments in dermatology and medical aesthetics, with a mission to bring out your ageless beauty.

*Advance reservation is required for Cosmetic dermatology and Cosmetic surgery.


Tokyo Midtown Dental Clinic
(By appointment only)

From cavity and gum disease treatment to implants and bridge placements, skilled dentists provide quality treatment. Whitening solutions are also available.


Health Care Shop TMMC Plus(Supplements/Cosmetics)

Here supplements and cosmetics developed by the specialists at Tokyo Midtown Clinic are available for purchase. Diet, health, and beauty consultations with our resident dietitian are also available – no appointment required.



Tokyo Midtown Clinic
Midtown Tower 6F