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A town that preserves the Japanese traditions of hospitality. In accordance with this mindset, we present various facilities and services that aim to make every visit smooth and comfortable.

Concierge Service

Concierge services are available as part of our customer service. We provide personal services to customers, such as providing information about stores in Tokyo Midtown, as well as consultations on shopping and dining and suggestions on how to enjoy this city.

Galleria 1F

11:00 - 19:00



Midtown Free WiFi

Midtown Free WiFi is available to visitors free of charge.

Service area: Galleria / Plaza / Midtown Tower 1F, B1

The following wireless LAN services are also available

Docomo Wi-Fi (NTT Docomo)

Wi2 300 (wire and wireless)

*For details on service usage fees, etc., contact each provider.

Tax Free Information

Customers can receive a consumption tax refund at the shop where they made their purchase. Tax-free shopping procedures can be completed at each shop.


International ATM

Tokyo Midtown offers access to ATMs at which cards issued overseas can be used.

ATM inside 7-Eleven

Location: Plaza B1


ATM inside the Tokyo Midtown Post Office

Location: Midtown Tower 3F


ATMs for all the major city banks are located in B1 (Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Mizuho Bank, Resona Bank)

Using a UnionPay Card

Inside Tokyo Midtown, cards issued by UnionPay are accepted in "Fashion" and "Interior & Design" stores, along with certain other stores. UnionPay can be used at ATMs in 7-Eleven and the Tokyo Midtown Post Office

Luggage Locker

Three types of luggage lockers – small, medium, and large – are available

*Locking method changed from portable to key

*Rates added every 3 hours

Prayer Space

Tokyo Midtown provides gender-specific Prayer Space

Women’s Prayer Space

Men’s Prayer Space

Children & Infants

Nursing Room

Sinks and seats for changing diapers. Nursing chairs are available.

Galleria B1 / 2F


Baby Room

We have provided a space for parents to relax with their babies. The room is equipped with a sink, breast-feeding area, diaper-changing area and a resting area.

Galleria 2F


11:00 - 20:00

*Use only under parental supervision. Please note that Tokyo Midtown cannot accept responsibility for theft or other incidents that take place in this room.

Stroller Rental Service (free-of-charge)

Visitors can rent strollers free of charge. We ask each user to provide his/her cell phone number and present an ID card (driver’s license, health insurance card or passport). As we have a limited number of strollers, we kindly ask users to return them after a maximum of four hours.

*Strollers are for babies and children aged from three months to four years.


Tokyo Midtown offers a variety of facilities to ensure people with disabilities can safely visit.

Wheelchair Rental Service (free-of-charge)

Wheelchairs can be rented to elderly and physically disabled customers.

*Please show your mobile phone number and ID card (driver's license, health insurance card, passport) when renting.

*Since there is a limited number of wheelchairs, we ask the users to return them after a maximum of four hours

Wheelchair-accessible toilets

Wheelchair-accessible toilets and facilities are available on each floor. Restrooms with ostomate facilities are installed at Galleria 2F and Tower B1. Restrooms with folding commodes are located at Galleria 1F and Galleria 3F.


Accessible Parking Space

Parking spaces for people with reduced mobility are available. Please ask the parking staff when you enter the parking lot. Directions will be given depending on the place of use.

*Parking is on B2


Pets are not allowed in the Tokyo Midtown buildings (with the exception of certain areas) and the Plaza. Pets are allowed in the Midtown Garden and Hinokicho Park. Out of consideration to others we ask that owners comply with all the rules and keep their pets on a leash at all times.




Lost & Found

For items lost in the facility, please contact the following call or information centers.Location: Plaza Galleria Tower Information Center

Information Center (Plaza, Galleria, Tower)

03-3475-3100 (10: 00–21:00)

*When making an inquiry, please let us know the situation (date and time, place and content) when you lost the item, and we will be able to guide you more smoothly.

*When you collect lost items, you will need to present your ID (passport, driver's license, health insurance card, etc.).

Charging Equipment for PHVs, PHEVs, EVs