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Treatment of personal information


Parts of this website use data files known as “cookies” to provide certain services to visitors. Cookies are mainly used for the purposes described below.

You can set your browser to not accept cookies. However, doing so may prevent you from using certain services offered by this website.

1. To facilitate data entry in member-oriented services.
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3. To provide statistical data in a form that does not allow the identification of individuals.

What are cookies?
Cookies are data files containing information that your browser exchanges with the web server to ensure the efficient operation of the Internet. They are sometimes saved on the device from which you access the web.

Access logs

This website records data regarding site visitors’ computers as access logs. Access logs are chiefly used for the following purposes.

1. To ascertain the causes of and solve web server-related problems.
2. To improve the site to offer a more satisfying user experience.
3. To provide statistical data in a form that can be used to analyze user trends without allowing the identification of individuals.

What are access logs?
Access logs are data files that contain information such as the domain name and IP address from which a user accessed site, what files the user accessed, and the user’s operating system and browser, as well as the time a site was accessed and other details.


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Disclaimer of liability

The Operator makes appropriate efforts to ensure that the information made available through this website will not cause unforeseen damage or disadvantage to site visitors, and strive to ensure that such information is up-to-date and accurate. However, this does not guarantee the integrity, accuracy, and/or usefulness of such information. Accordingly, the Operator shall bear no liability whatsoever for any damage or disadvantage resulting from actions undertaken by site visitors on the basis of such information.

Disclaimer concerning accidents

The Operator shall bear no liability whatsoever for any software and/or hardware accidents; infection by computer virus; or for any loss or damage of data, and any other damage or disadvantage resulting from the use of this website; or for damage or disadvantage resulting from problems arising between site visitors or between site visitors and third parties.

Disclaimer concerning e-mail sent by site users

The Operator shall bear no liability whatsoever if e-mail, requests for materials, and/or similar correspondence sent by site users is not received by the Operator due to Internet-related problems or accidents.

Disclaimer concerning e-mail copyright

Copyright for e-mails sent by the Operator to site users belongs to the Operator. Such e-mails may not be made available or reproduced through other websites, printed materials, or other media without the permission of the Operator.

Changes to information

Information, service details, and e-mail addresses made available through this website may be added, changed, or eliminated without prior notice to site users.
The Operator shall bear no liability whatsoever for any content posted in online forums on the website.
Moreover, if the content of such postings is deemed inappropriate by the Operator, all or part of such content will be removed without prior notice.

Link policy

If you would like to link to this page, please contact the webmaster care of Tokyo Midtown Management Co., Ltd. The Operator may refuse links from sites that offend public morals, contain adult content, or slander the Operator and others, and from other inappropriate sites.

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