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Our efforts to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus

At Tokyo Midtown, we are committed to the following initiatives.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
*Request to our visitors
Please check your physical condition beforehand, and wear a mask as well as use the disinfectant available in the building.
Please keep a distance of about 2 meters from other customers.
We ask for your cooperation in securing a space between the cashiers, elevators and escalators.
We recommend cashless payment to minimize contact.
*Our facility’s main initiatives
We will encourage employees to take their temperature, wear masks, wash their hands, and gargle.
We will install partitions and wear face shields in some stores and information centers to prevent splashes.
We will restrict the entry of elevators.
We will promote take-out in restaurants.
We will reduce the number of seats in food and beverage outlets and rest areas, and may reserve space between them.
Face-to-face consultations by concierges will be refrained for the time being.
We carry out antibacterial and coating (AT254 titanium coating) in various parts of the building.(Locations: Elevators, escalators, toilets, and handrails, etc.)
We put a mobile hand-washing stand that does not require water supply.(Location: Plaza B1 Galleria entrance)