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Tokyo Midtown continues to introduce “JAPAN VALUE”, or new Japanese values and sensibilities, to the world through design and art.
Launched in 2008, the TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD is a design and art competition. It has evolved into an award that goes beyond the discovery of the next generation of creators and artists and now supports the future collaborations of those who create works and ideas; design for the betterment of society and art that throws a new perspective on society.
As the only award in Japan to recognize both design and art categories, the TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD highlights and supports the efforts of the creative minds that help us through these fast-changing times.


Design Competition:
Turning ideas into reality

Tokyo Midtown supports winning design ideas by offering help with commercialization and event development.

Art Competition:
Providing continuous support to winning artists

Tokyo Midtown provides continuous support to winners and encourages their growth as artists.

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